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Related post: Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 13:09:17 +0100 From: Mitchel Mulder Subject: Pax Romana 4We were scrubbed clean with brushes that were so hard that our skin turned red, cold water was being hosed over us, with a sharp knife our beards were anime hentai pthc shaved. I ran my hand over my chin, I never had felt so smooth before. Not a spot of our bodies was forgotten, even our asses were being cleaned with a hard smaller brush. "Ahh!" I cried out as one of the men, a slave of course, pulled back my skin and went over the exposed pthc video free sample head with another brush. These Romans are obsessed with cleanliness.We were being led out of the small pool and were raunchy pthc given towels to dry off. Another group of men were being cleaned now. A big guy, followed by darkcollection pthc a well dressed one, inspected us. "Do you want him to be shaved?" the big guy asked the other. Both of them were staring at Camarix. "No, just leave him like that, you'll never know what a customer likes, smooth or hairy".They handed us some funny cloths to cover us, they were very thin and short, they just covered our private parts, leaving our asses naked. They made us wait till the others were finished bathing and were wearing the small pieces of cloth too. We were then marched off to the other side of the courtyard. There was a pthc ddl kind of table with some papers on it. One by one we had to say our name, then man behind the table looked for a paper, filled something in. "Yeah, Romans are good in administration, these are the deeds of ownership" Camarix said, as his name was called and he had to sign the document, the man pointed out dark studio robbery pthc where he had to sign it. Camarix placed a 'x', like most of the others, including Curt. When my name was called out, I could see that it was a brand new document, no signatures of previous owners. "Ah, a fresh one" the man said, "just put a cross right here". He dipped the pen in the ink and handed it over to me. With all my efforts I wrote down my name in big letter: WOLF. The red vids pthc man's mouth dropped open. "Boss! Boss! this one can write!".I could feel the others looking at me. I stepped back in line. "Show-off!" Curt hissed at me. To be honest I could not write a lot, just a few words one of the elder members of my village once taught me.Our hands were tied together behind our backs and we were pushed into a carriage. Nobody spoke during the trip into town. The town was busy, we had to slow pthcs cgi down as we rode through the crowded streets. People, noise and smell comings from all directions. At the merket place in the middle of the town we stopped and were told to get off. There was some wind, lifting our little piece of cloth, with myy hands on my back I could not cover myself, I never had felt so naked before. All of a sudden there was a noise behind pthc sex real me. One of the slave tried to pthc boy free escape. In a brief top pthc bbs moment I saw Curt's eyes, I saw the same fire in them as that afternoon he attacked the pthc picture bbs Roman soldier. I guess Camarix sensed what Curt was thinking, he quickly stepped in front of Curt, "don't even video angel pthc think about it!". At the same time I heard a sickening sound. The guy who tried to run was lying bbs nude pthc on the ground, crying and screaming while he was being beaten severely.The rest were led quickly into a tent. A few minutes later the beaten up man was thrown in too. He was covered with bruised, blood was streaming out of his mouth. "Thigh him up", the boss shouted, then he pointed at pthc cp bbs forum Curt, Camarix and pthc nude russian me, "get them on display". Still with our hands tied vicky pthc pics behind our extrem pthc back we were being brought out to the frnt of the tent, jp xxx pthc where a small platform was with poles. The market place was already very crowded. We were tied to three poles next to each-other. "Hey, you pthc pic rapidshare have any women?" pthc tgp pic a man called out pthc newsgroup usenet from the square. "Sure, Sir, one moment please". The pthc threads boss almost bowed and called back into the tent. Soon two young women appeared and were ranchi hussyfan kteam pthc tied to the remaining to poles. "Please sir". Again the boss bowed and invited the man onto the platform. Without any delay the man ran his hands over the firm breasts of the blond woman and pinched her nipples hard. The pthc r ygold alicia woman let out a soft cry, and turned away guestbook pthc porno her head. The man's hand went pthc free nude down over bestiality pthc her portal girls pthc stomach to the pthc colombia small piece pthc hard videos of cloth. Without any hesitation the man pushed his hand between pthc message boards her pthc rar torrent thighs. "Very nice" imboard pthc he mumbled. Then he forced the woman to open her mouth, looked inside and pushed his fingers into her mouth. "She is still very pthc modles young, always been a slave so you wouldn't have any trouble with her" the boss said. The man looked to the russians pthc other woman, who was much older, "How much?". The boss whispered something in the man's ear, who pthc 7 looked surprised, "you must be joking!". Well, Sir, maybe we should discuss it inside, then you can inspect her more closely and anime pthc you'll agree she is worth it, I'll call my companion". The boss held the tent open, the man stepped inside and was greeted by one of the boss's men, the woman was taken off the platform and was taken inside too. I guess the deal went trough as the robbery pthc we never saw them again.I felt like I was some livedoor bbs pthc cattle being on display, people were passing by, some of them looking at us, others just passed without bothering to even look. I was looking at Curt and Camarix, real pthc video both seem to be lost in their own thoughts. "Ah, look at those fine young men!" I heard a lady say to another one. I turned around, two middle age Roman ladies were torrent cp pthc staring from Curt pthc site to me. "I don't know, Camilla". "O, come on, you wanted a new one after-all, let's have a closer look". The boss helped them onto the platform. "They are so fresh and clean, ladies, you will be their youtube pthc first owner". "First? I couldn't be bother with them, too dangerous" the oldest said and wanted to turn away. She was stopped by her friend. "Come on, Camilla, you can train them as you like". "No Acte, I want a perfectly trained one, who knows what to do" Together they came over to me, brazil pthc now that model pedo pthc child they were in front of me I could see that they were older then I had expected, their faces covered with too much make-up. "This one is just perfect!" Acte said as she was pthc gateways looking me over. Her hand went over my chest, "Camilla, just feel how smooth pthc little girls nude he his, and such a hard chest". Camilla put her hand on my chest too, she smiled at me and run her fingernail over my littlegirl pthc free nipple. "I agree, Acte, he does blueadult pthc feel nice". Her nail travelled down to my navel. O, please stop her, this was humiliating. "He is a bit young though". "Even better, you can train him the way you want" Acte said with an evil grin. Camilla lifted the little piece of cloth, "Not bad, not bad at all". She got hold of my balls, and perteen pthc video rolled usenext pthc them around in her hands. "If I were you I would shave off all those hairs" Acte said. I kiddy pthc links felt voodoo pthc message board a tingling sensation in my lower belly as pthc pics sex she reached for my cock and withdrew my skin. 'o please, Mother of all gods' to elweb pthc forum my horror my cock started to react at her touch, slowly lifting its head up. Acte was almost drooling now, running her hands over my chest and stomach. The boss smiled broadly, "if you ladies are interested you can try him inside". "No, thanks" Camilla said, luckily she let go of my hard cock, "he is little bbs pthc all-right but no match for me, I'd always had a Nubian, you have any?" "Ah, a Nubian! You have a taste! Perfect for a lady, pthc site password but I'm afraid I don't have one right now, but pthc imgbbs sandra look at him" pointing at Camarix, "a real man romanian pthc pics too!". "No, too hairy and besides I prefer dark skin for my men, I'll be back some other time, thanks. Acte, come along, I like to look for some silk".There I was, on platform in a town pthc voodoo board square, tied to a bbs pthc sven pole with an erection pointing to the passers by. Some pthc cp bbs imageboard of them looked, giggled or even licked their mclt pthc lips.In the meantime to the empty pole where the woman had been tied to was now a young boy, I guess he couldn't be underage pthc pics older then pthc sex tgp 8 or 9 years. He was completely naked. What could a young child like that have done to deserve this. After the ladies some other people, both me and women, expected us, pinching us everywhere and feeling cambodian pthc every part of our body, now not only me but also Curt was rockhard now. I looked pthc loiita kds away from Curt to the little boy, to my horror I xxx pthc mpegs say a uncensored search engine pthc fat man stroking the kid's willy. I felt sick when the pthc vicky english schoolgirl man lifted up his tunic and pushed his semi hard cock into the boys mouth. I could hear the boy gag a few times. Within seconds the boss was over to them, "nothing better that a young mouth, I fully agree". The man just nodded and thust pthc girls asian his hips faster. The pthc g webcam boss laid a hand on the man's shoulder, "sir please use my tent if you want to have a closer look". "No need, I'll take him". He pulled out his now hard cock, and shoke hands with the boss. I was speechless I felt an anger deep inside of me, I had always respected the Romans, bbs lol pthc but now, seeing them here like this, I could understand why so many people hated them. A hand landed hard on my ass. I looked around, a man of middle age with magical futaba pthc imgboard expensive clothing was standing behind me, again his pthc imgbbs slapped my ass hard. "What a perfect ass!" I tried to push myself back to the pole, but he and his friend stopped me and pushed me a bit pedo pthc family forward as far as the rope would allow. One pushed my shoulders down, while the other spreaded my ass, I tried to fight back but before I knew it a finger was being pushed inside me. photos yahoo pthc I gave 15 years pthc a shout and extreme pthc forum with all my force I pushed myself up and rammed mybody against the pole. "Bastard!" the expensive dressed man cried as his hand was being smashed against pthc japanese porn the wood. Whack, the other slapped me hard in my face with pthc toplists his flat hand, the other man rubbed pthc series his hand, spat in pedo pthc porno my face and hit me in my stomach. I doubled over, the spit ran over my face, I felt tears in my eyes. I wished I was dead, how long could this go on, being treated as....., yeah as what?, even pigs are better treated on a market.In the mean time Camarix was being examined by pthc video preview a middle aged man, the boss stood near pthc bbs free hot by, remarking how strong and healthy Camarix was. Camarix had to pthc kdz tgp open cgi board search pthc his mouth and pthc r ygold raygold the man looked in, then his hand moved over his shoulders squeezing the muscles and followed his arms and examined his hands. Both Curt and I had felt very humiliated when it was done to us, but Camarix just stood there he almost looked proud, he even flexed his muscles. "Very sexe pthc good quality" the man said as he walked around him, "nice broad shoulders, strong back, impressive legs, what is the price?". The boss smiled, "as you can see, sir, russian loilita pthc he is top of the range". "The price?!" The boss said something into the man's ear, "too much! for that price I can be two perfect slaves in Varenna". The pthc picture beach man turned and was ready to walk away, "we can discuss the price off course, you care for pthc file some wine, while pthc model we talked business?". The man nodded, and the boss quickly went inside to fetch the drink. The man wandered around pthc like horse Camarix pthc top list uncensored and then towards Curt. "Nice muscles or a boy your age" he remarked. Curt did not answer, but looked away. The man ran his hands over Curt's body. I more or less expected the man to feel Curt's cock and balls, but pthc dark thumbnails he completely ignored that area, instead he let his hand go all over Curt's legs. The Boss cam back with the wine for the customer. "Tell you what" he said to the boss, "I'll take these two for the price you mentioned". The boss acted as if he were offended. "Take it or leave it, I will not pay more, they'll have to work the land, they are workers as you know, one is even untrained, you should be glad".On one hand I hoped for Curt that the sale would be closed, working the land in not that pthc voodoo bad I guessed, better than being bought by an old wrinkled lady for her pleasure or even worse little pthc pics bought for a whorehouse.The boss seem to consider the proposal. Curt looked at me with pleading eyes, was this the moment that we would never pthc 01 see each other again?
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